Made of the strongest blend of aircraft grade aluminium.  This enables us to build the lightest rotary tattoo machine in
the world.

A new age tattoo machine motor design for better performance.  Six times better power to weight ratio than the best
brushed motor out there.  A power curve completely independent of the speed; full power at all RPM.  

Quick and easy cleaning without the motor removal.  All the materials were carefully chosen, even the motor was you can
actually sterilise it - for your customer’s safety and peace of mind.
* power supply
* Wall adapter with
EU, UK and USA
electric plugs
* power cable
* Aluminum case
* 2-LACEnano rotary
tattoo machines
* power supply
* Wall adapter with
EU, UK and USA
electric plugs
* 2-power cable
* Aluminum case
EU, UK and USA
electric plugs (you
get all three).
LACEnano power
supply supports
tattoo machines
* Single LACEnano
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12812 Willow Center Dr    Suite B    Houston   TX   77066

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