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Houston Location
12812 Willow Centre Dr
Suite B
Houston   TX   77066
Call or Text  281-795-0130
12812 Willow Center Dr    Suite B    Houston   TX   77066

Due to the unique nature of business performed at RX Beauty Inks, we book by appointment only please.

Pets and children under 18 are NOT permitted on premises for ANY reason.

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Model Opportunity
Class models are essential for successful training for the aspiring permanent makeup artist.
Receive permanent makeup for eyebrows, eyeliner or lip color .  Offered at a flat rate of $100 cart
set up fee per service. Models for 3D areola and nipple restoration following  mastectomy, (pre
screening required) receive the service at no charge.

Models pre-pay for desired services at the time of scheduling.  The appointment schedule fee is
non-refundable for any reason.  It is very disappointing to any student who has been cheated out of
her education because of a canceled or no show model.  Please be certain that you want to
become a model before committing yourself.

Classes will never have more than 2 students working on their models, so there is instructor
availability and continuous supervision.

Ombre Brows  Dec 3 and 4
Dec 8 and 9
Lip Color
Dec  10 and 11

FREE 3D areola November 18

Instructor Demo Model

Occasionally, demonstration models are needed during the training for the Instructor to
demonstrate proper techniques, we offer a 50% discount off the regular procedure price. 2-4
students observe only.

To become a student or demo model, text Angela at 281-795-0130.