Permanent Make-Up Removal and Corrections
Did you get bad permanent makeup?   Erase The Mistake!   

If so, saline tattoo removal may be a perfect solution for you, and is quickly becoming the sought
after treatment of choice.  Gentle enough to remove/fade Permanent Make-Up so the proper
application of color and/or modified shape can then be applied.  There are rare occasions when
simply adding more color is the answer.  It just adds more color and potential skin damage to an
already undesirable situation, making it more difficult to remove and achieve a desirable outcome.

As the demand for permanent make-up removal increases, we are proud to offer an all natural,
minimally invasive, and more cost effective option. This type of removal involves introducing a
hypertonic saline solution, into the unwanted pigmented area. As the salt particles adhere to the
implanted color the body then pushes the salt and color to the surface and is shed through the
natural healing process by allowing the scab to fall off freely.

RX Beauty Inks
TM specializes in the removal and correction of discolored, misshapen, bad
permanent make-up.  Consultation required for eyeliner and lip color removal for accurate
evaluation and pricing.   2-4 removal procedures is the average.

None of the original-BEFORE work below was performed by RX Beauty InksTM
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