Brow Microblading Class
Microblading is one of the most sought after services in the beauty industry today.  Due to its popularity,
there are a lot of class choices out there.   Visiting instructor artists coming to your area, only to leave,
may not offer the post class support or further education you may find yourself  if need of.  Hence, our
Microblading 201 Course.   How many models will you work on?  Are models shared with several
students and you will only do a few strokes?   Hands on is one of the most important aspects of training
as is part of the curriculum of all our courses.  Each student will work on models from beginning to end.
RX Beauty Inks classes are private or semi private to provide you the individual attention you need and


Day 1
Blood Born Pathogen, Safety and Sanitation
Retention, Medications and Medical Conditions & Contraindications
Skin Conditions - Scars, Diseases, Contraindications, Difficult Skin Types
Client  Consultation, Before, and After Procedure
Needle Configurations
Hairstroke Rules
Skin Structure
Technique and Stretching
Brow Design
Drawing Natural Looking Hairstrokes
Learn How to Practice

Day 2
Hairstroke Patterns and Transitions
Practice, Practice, Practice
Possible Instructor Do Your Brows

Day 3
Review Practice Materials
When to Proceed, When to Pass
Color Theory in Microblading
After Care Instruction and Care
Live Model Full Procedure Instructor Demo
Understanding and Using Proper Stretch, Angle and Depth
Hands On Model

Day 4
Review Any and ALL Questions and Concerns
Hands On Models

Includes practice kit and professional kit for up to 25 procedures and 50 hour certificate upon successful
completion of all course work. 6 months shadow support.  You can schedule and come shadow full procedures
for further understanding. Should you need, or want, additional supervised hands on, you can schedule your
models for  additional training .  Studio fees will apply.

Register with a friend for the same class dates and BOTH of you will receive a 10% tuition discount!


25, 26, 27, 28

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$2000 reservation fee required to reserve dates.

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