How to Shop for Permanent Make-Up
Keep in mind...


Portfolios:  Portfolios are the best way to view any artists work in the permanent make-up
profession.  Always make certain the photos you view are in deed that artists/technicians work.  
Portfolios should be an accurate presentation of the permanent make-up for the eyebrows, eyeliner
and lips. Only choose an artist if you are in agreement that the artist/technician can meet or exceed
your expectations.  

Experience:   How much permanent makeup does the artist do?  Like anything, the more one
does something, the better you are at it.  If your artist also works for  nail salon, lash studio or
medspa, and only does occasional permanent makeup procedures, you may want to continue your
search.  Speak to, and/or consult with as many technicians as you can to find the right artist for you.  
In the State of Texas, there is no licensing requirement to perform permanent cosmetics. Training
and/or experience is also not required.  This is you face, and it's important you hire a professional
and get the beauty enhancement you are looking for.

Training-Certificate vs Certified:  2-3 day training classes are not nearly enough
education, supervised training and some don't even do hands on at these classes.  Please note that
a Certificate of Completion is NOT the same as  a CPCP-Certified Permanent Cosmetic
Professional.   Certificates mean they attended a class and nothing more.  A CPCP has met  required
training hours, and specific level of skill, education and knowledge of  permanent makeup before and
artist is considered a professional by the Society of Permanent Cosmetics Professionals.


LOCATION:  Location should never be a factor in your selection of a permanent makeup artist.  
Although it may be convenient at the time, you  run the risk of not getting the high quality work you
were looking for.  Typically you will only need to make 1-3 visits, including a consultation.  A little bit
of a drive just might be the best thing for you.  

PRICE:  We have all heard it... "you get what you pay for".  Permanent cosmetics is no exception.  A
great permanent makeup artist know the value of their work as a talented professional, and is rarely

AVAILABILITY:  Most great tenician/artists in the permanent makeup industry will be booked up for
several weeks and even months in advance.  If a technician has an appointment available right
away... ask yourself why?

CORRECTIONS:  If you are looking for corrections, removals or alteration to existing permanent
cosmetics.... make sure you view this portfolio as well.  Simply adding more pigment in an attempt to
correct an issue or problem, can make it even worse than what you started with. In some cases,
removal is required to perform proper modifications or corrections.  If your technician does not
perform removal services, you may want to find one that does in order to get a full picture of what all
your options really are.    
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Photos are just a few examples of technicians in the
Houston area performing microblading and brow PMU
after a 2 or 3 day course.     Many certificate holders
take on clients beyond their skill... Like the alopecia
male on the left.  These are neither masculine or good
technique.  Prices paid $150-$550  Cost of removal
when required $300/ procedure and you still have to
have your brows done again!

Brows are not the only procedure that technicians may not
have adequate training, education and skills to perform.

"If you think it's expensive to hire a
professional, just wait until you hire and
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