Just For Him
Cosmetic tattooing is not just for her anymore!

Bro Brows
Guy Liner
Areola Modifications
Hair Simulation

Mens favorite!  Many men add 3d micro hair strokes to fill in thinning
brows and redefine the shape for a more youthful appearance.

Scar Hair Simulation
Using camouflage to conceal a head scar or small areas that no longer
grow hair

Scalp Micro Pigmentation Hair Simulation
Simulation of hair follicles to give the appearance of more hair growth
For men that have hair but thin in a specific area of the scalp.  Build density
to difuse the appearance of the light color of the scalp

Male Areola Enlargement
The perfect solution to areolas that are disproportionate to your body size
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Hair follicle simulation of hair growth in the lash line is vastly becoming mens
favorite way to enhance the eye color and accentuate the lash line in a
masculine way.  Perfect for alopecia, light colored lash color or thin lashes.