Saline Tattoo & PMU Removal
Learn saline tattoo removal to remove or lighten tattoos and permanent makeup for corrections,
modifications or for a new cover up

1 Day Class

How does saline work to lighten pigments vs laser

Skin and what to look for…When to lighten, when to correct, when to pass

Pigment color changes

Permanent makeup, conventional tattoos, extra deep tattoos and needle depths

Needles:  do make a difference
Two saline pigment lifting techniques

Machine set up

How to easily correct your own work

Class includes professional kit: needles, tubes and saline solution

Register with a friend for the same class dates and BOTH of you will receive a 10% tuition discount!



Machines are not included.
Tattoo machine that utilizes needles on the bar are required.  We have the LACEnano available for purchase.  
When registering for the class, please let us know you will be purchasing a machine package.
Package includes: LACEnano machine, power/clip cord, power supply, foot pedal $595

$500 Scheduling Fee required to reserve your seat
Houston Location
12812 Willow Centre Dr
Suite B
Houston   TX   77066
12812 Willow Center Dr    Suite B    Houston   TX   77066

Due to the unique nature of business performed at RX Beauty Inks, we book by appointment only please.
Pets and children under 18 are NOT permitted on premises for ANY reason.

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