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pre-screen evaluation and appointment request form at the bottom of this page.

To schedule consultations:
Consultations include detailed information about how we can achieve your goals and ensure you are
a candidate for the procedures desired.  Consultations can be done over the phone, ask questions
via text 281-795-0130 or in person.  If you are interested in a face to face consultation, please
contact us for availability.

To schedule procedures:
You must complete the pre-screen evaluation form at the bottom of this page.  
Or call or text 281-795-0130

Procedure appointments require deposits to schedule $75-$150.  Deposits collected will be applied
towards cost of services.  All deposits are refundable for up to 90 days with at least 48 hour notice of
cancellation or rescheduling.  Appointments will only be confirmed after deposit receipt.

Face to face consultations are usually required for the following:
Anyone that would like a consultation for more information or view our portfolio
Scar and skin color corrections
Areola repigmentation or reconstruction
Tattoo removal
If you have previous permanent make-up in the area you are wanting a procedure
Permanent Make-Up removal and corrections
Scar relaxation
Scar camouflage
Scalp hair Simulation

You can call or text for more information. 281-795-0130
email: PM
Procedure Pre-screen and Consultation Appointment Request Form
Request for:
Technician Request
Services of interest
Do you have existing permanent make-up?
Are you pregnant or nursing?
Are you on aspirin therapy or blood thinners?
Are you under the care of a physician for a health, mental or medical condition?  If so, provide details.
Examples: High blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, thyroid, depression, anxiety, etc...
List medications: Anti depression/anxiety, thyroid, radiation, chemotherapy, blood thinners, etc...
Do you have sensitive skin or skin allergies?
Describe any allergic reactions to make-up, topical creams to medications?
Enter any details about conditions we may not have asked about.
We do make appointments on some weekends and evenings.  
Are you requesting an Appointment Deposit
invoice to schedule your appointment?
Please ensure the information provided is accurate prior to sending your form.
RX Beauty Inks will contact you via TEXT messaging.
We look forward to meeting with you soon!
Houston Location
12812 Willow Centre Dr
Suite B
Houston   TX   77066
Call or Text  281-795-0130
12812 Willow Center Dr    Suite B    Houston   TX   77066

Due to the unique nature of business performed at RX Beauty Inks, we book by appointment only please.

Pets and children under 18 are NOT permitted on premises for ANY reason.

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