1. How much does the procedure cost?
3D areola and nipple tattooing cost: $800 for a Bilateral procedure and $600 for a Unilateral procedure.

For repigmentation of natural areola or post surgical lift/reductions, areola enlargement, areola shape and/or color
modifications start at $650 up to $800.

6-8 week Follow up  procedures $150.  Color refreshers up to 3 years will receive a 50%  and more than 3 years a
25% discount will be applied to  current list pricing.

2. Does it hurt?
We use topical anesthetics as needed. Normally the client does not feel any pain. Every client is different depending
on your particular surgery. In some cases there may be a slight sensation but it usually is not very much or

3. How soon after surgery can I have the procedure done?
6 months to pass after the date of your final surgery and/or nipple reconstruction.

4. Can I still get tattooed if I had nipple reconstruction?
Yes, although there are occasions when the pigment does not take well on the reconstructed nipple. The area
around the nipple can still be tattooed as well as the reconstructed nipple, but follow up visits may be needed to
ensure pigment retention on the reconstructed nipple area.

5. How long does the procedure take?
1.5 to 2 hours

6. How long does it take for the tattoo area to heal?
Typically it take 4-6 days. Some slight scabbing or skin flaking will occur but this is minimal.

7. How long will the tattoo last?
Due to the nature of areola and nipple scaring,  the longevity of the tattoo will vary, 3 years to a lifetime.   Some
slight fading will occur over the following years.

8. Do you use sterile needles and equipment?
All of our needles and tubes are single use and sterile.

9. Can I use my insurance to pay for the procedure?
Unfortunately we do not. We will provode you a receipt and a letter with CPT and Diagnosis codes needed by
insurance companies. It is required by law that your Ins. Company reimburse you but you may need to follow-up
several times with them to be reimbursed.
Nipple and Areola Tattooing FAQ
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